Quick Hits

Two tracks that I’ve been meaning to blog (in one case, for quite some time), about which I only have quick comments:

1: Reviewing a song off of Rain Holly Hughes commented

The arrangement feels like a whole orchestra; it’s amazing to realize it’s just Joe on piano and Dave Houghton’s drums, then a little touch of Graham Maby’s bass repeating the melody in the middle eight, and here and there a brush of doubled vocals.

The Summer In The City live album is remarkable for how rich a sound they get out of that trio of bass, drums, and piano, and this is a sample.

2: I wouldn’t want my previous post to make anyone think that I don’t like Gram Parsons, I do.

  1. obsequiousavala95.jimdo.com’s avatar

    This post is priceless. Where can I find out more?



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