October 2009

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Apologies for the layoff, I’ve been fighting a cold.

Lately I’ve been listening to this REM collection, and it’s gotten me to appreciate REM more than I did, and want to try to figure out what it is about them that bugs me on some level. What follows is a somewhat scattered series of notes.

The first thing about that collection, somewhat oddly, that helps me is the cover. It makes me realize that, in my life, the first REM songs that were ubiquitous were “Shiny Happy People” and “Losing My Religion.” By that time they were already international stars. I find their sound both more appealing and more understandable, for reasons I want to explore later, when I think of them as a young band trying to make an impression. That cover image makes it easy to appreciate the way in which their early work is subdued but also full of youthful energy.
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