December 2010

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Reader Jennifer Lynch sends in a link to this article about music blogs for and by vinyl collectors.

Of those “Home Of The Groove” is the only one that I had previously heard of, but it looks like a list worth browsing.

I have to say that I, personally, have never been a vinyl collector.* I have friends who like vinyl, and I have nothing against it but, when I was first starting to listen to music I decided that it would be simpler to just stick to one format. At the time I didn’t realize how many CDs I would eventually end up with, so “simple” may be relative, but I have continued to stick with that decision.

I do appreciate, aesthetically, the people who are posting old 45s to youtube (for example). There is something great about just watching a video of the 45 playing as you listen to the song. I don’t know how much difference it makes to the sound by the time you record the sound digitally and upload it, but I do think it’s stylish.

*I do have a favorite vinyl find — I once came across a mint condition Laurie Anderson single of “Oh Superman” in the laundry room in my apartment building.

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