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Three pop songs about women named, “Annie” (the first two links are youtube links)

Annie Get Your Gun” (Squeeze)
Annie” (Pete Townshend / Ronnie Lane)
Annie’s Going To Sing Her Song” (Tom Paxton; from this post).

Plus, of course, the musical.

Is there something in the name that makes it particularly suited to fitting a lyric, or could you make a similar list for any common woman’s name with two syllables?

  1. NickS’s avatar

    Sweet Jane” (Velvet Underground)

    Jane Says” (Jane’s Addiction)

    Jane” (Barenaked ladies)

    If anybody else wants to play (and please do) I encourage you to not use iTunes or other song database. The trick is to think of them from memory.


  2. Ben’s avatar

    Suddenly Mary – The Posies
    Proud Mary – CCR
    Along Comes Mary – The association


  3. Ben’s avatar

    Maybe a stretch but

    Johnny be good – chuck Berry
    Johnny Hit and run Pauline – X
    John Barleycorn must die – Traffic

    Oh, and you can add Dreamboat Annie by Heart.


  4. Ben’s avatar

    I mean Goode


  5. Ben’s avatar

    Mary – Scissor Sisters


  6. Ben’s avatar

    I always thought “Jane Says” was a sort of lyrical nod to “Sweet Jane”.


  7. NickS’s avatar

    Along Comes Mary – The association

    Hmmm, I hadn’t heard of that one. fun.

    Also, though she isn’t a titular figure, “Snake Mary” is a memorable name from “Rose Darling” by Steely Dan

    Maybe a stretch but

    Not a stretch. I’ve thought of three songs about “Jack”‘s but I’m not a fan of all of them so I’m waiting to see if I can think of anything better.

    Interestingly in the first two of those songs the name mostly occurs in the chorus.

    I always thought “Jane Says” was a sort of lyrical nod to “Sweet Jane”.

    Makes sense to me. Though I have also heard that it was based on a real person named Jane.


  8. Ben’s avatar

    Recorder Solo!


  9. Ben’s avatar

    I have some “jack” titles I can loan you if you want.


  10. Ben’s avatar

    Pretty Mary K – Elliot Smith

    Trying to come up with a third song for ‘Caroline’


  11. Matthew’s avatar

    Concrete Blonde had a song called Caroline.

    Wind Cries Mary


  12. ben’s avatar

    Blank Frank – Brian Eno
    Frank’s wild years – Tom Waits
    Frank – Bongwater


  13. ben’s avatar

    Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
    Caroline No – Beach Boys


  14. Ben’s avatar

    and how could I forget…

    Johnny Ryall – Beastie Boys


    1. Butterfly’s avatar

      What a pluraese to find someone who thinks through the issues



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