June 2011

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I don’t normally like to post songs that aren’t in my collection. But here’s one that I just heard, liked, and am not likely to get a recording of soon.

Every Man I Fall For” by the Cold War Kids

I hadn’t heard of them before. I heard the song in a movie was really struck by it. I’m not generally a fan of indie-rock blues melodrama, but I think it’s great. The performance is fantastic; it’s a very charismatic song and performance.

I also appreciate the cleverness in fact that the song is titled, “Every Man I Fall For” and the description is so specific that it can really only apply to one person.

The sound quality on the video is fine, but not great. Here‘s a live performance which, unfortunately, also doesn’t have great sound, but it’s impressive that they can pull it off, and particularly pull off that vocal performance live.

Maybe I should get one of their albums.

I can’t exactly recommend the movie, but it’s basically well done, and reminded me of a number of interesting things about the Runaways.

  1. They were genuinely good. Limited, in various ways, but good.
  2. They were young. There area number of musicians who became famous relatively young who did so in their early 20s. Paul Westerberg was 21 when the Replacements released their first album. Joan Jett was 17 (or 18 if the album was released in Nov or Dec)!
  3. To give another sense of how young they were, the movie starts in 1975, not that far removed from when I was born, and feels very much like a period piece. Joan Jett is 51 years old at the moment.
  4. Joan Jett really is one of the coolest people around. I would recommend just watching the movie with the commentary track, so that you can hear Joan Jett talk, but I can’t say that for sure since I ended up deciding to watch the whole movie again.
  5. Dakota Fanning was good. Kristen Stewart honestly wasn’t bad.
  6. I had forgotten that there were actually two members of the band who have had music careers that continue to the present. You wouldn’t learn that from the movie, however, since it focuses on Jett and Currie (in part, I think, because Lita Ford didn’t agree to sell the rights to her story)

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